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Talent Acquisition Solutions

Talent Acquisition is a Science (and an Art)

Radnor Consulting partners with companies to optimize the recruiting process and get the right people in the right roles.  We follow a strategic methodology to help organizations implement an effective talent acquisition process. One that fits your organization!

We take a concierge approach with our clients.  We get to know each business with whom we partner and have a full understanding of the company, culture and the demands of each job opening that needs to be filled.  This is the groundwork for determining where – and to whom – to promote a position.

Like any business operation, talent acquisition is best accomplished with a proven process.  At Radnor Consulting, we don’t recommend casting the biggest net to catch the most fish. That’s too chaotic. Our approach is more strategic, innovative, and refined.

We work side by side with our clients to develop a custom solution that fits their talent acquisition needs and business objectives. “One size fits all” is not – and never will be – our approach to the recruiting process.  We help you find your Cinderella slipper.

Our unique staffing solutions support short and long-term staffing objectives.  In addition to Talent Acquisition Consulting, we offer the following services to better support your needs:

Recruiting Process Outsourcing

Outsource all or part of your recruiting process

Contract Recruiting

Supplement your company’s efforts with on-site or off-site contract recruiters

Full-time Recruiter Placement

Locate a full-time recruiter to join your team

On-demand Recruiting Services

Affordable and flexible recruiting solutions to meet changing hiring requirements and periods of peak demand to fit your needs regardless of industry or skill set. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll help design a solution that works for you!

Sourcing Services

Support the early stages of the talent discovery and identification process