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Job Seekers

We don’t place you in a J-O-B.  We think along the lines of an L-L-C.   (Life-Long-Career)

job-hunting-imgIf you’ve just entered the job market, we’re glad you found us!  If you’ve been searching for a job for some time, CONGRATULATIONS – Radnor Consulting just may be your solution!!

We understand the frustration, fear and uncertainties of the job search (and know that you’ve most likely been inundated with emails of job postings that are outdated, out of your income requirements, and unrelated to any type of experience you possess.)

That is not what Radnor Consulting is about and never will be!

We know that every person has unique talents. Whether you’ve tapped into yours – or haven’t quite discovered the “it” factor within, we know great talent when we see it.

We represent companies who seek experienced, dedicated, quality employees and we pair them with job seekers who are motivated, have tons of drive and an unrelenting will to succeed.  If this is you, let’s set up a time to speak!

  • We’ll never send you to an interview for a job that you don’t qualify for.
  • We only recommend job seekers to our clients if you are a match professionally and personally.
  • We only want to connect job seekers with positions in which they’ll enjoy, grow and truly thrive.
  • We don’t fill positions.  We provide the opportunity for a career.