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IT Staffing

IT Changes Daily.  We’ve Got the Talent!

The IT Industry is ever-changing.  A technology that catapulted a company to the top of its market a year ago, could actually be considered obsolete today.

Top IT professionals are successful because they know this and sustain a persistent practice of staying on top of trends and developments.  They “keep their head in the game.”  While this is essential for their own success, it is vital for businesses to be “in the know” as well.  Therefore, attracting, engaging, and selecting the right talent to join your company are tasks we take very seriously.

Radnor Consulting is familiar with the latest technologies, technical skills, and accreditations needed to support today’s IT practices. This experience enables us to accurately evaluate the qualifications of a potential candidate and only recommend the most progressive and talented job seekers to help our clients stay on top.

If you’re in need of filling a position that require the skill sets listed below, we can present your job opening to the qualified IT professionals in our network.

Technology Skills

We offer contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire staffing services to identify candidates with the following skill sets:

  • Software Development and Architecture
    • Web applications, Client/Server Windows apps, E-Commerce, Digital Strategy, Big Data
    • .NET and J2EE Development Environments
  • Front-end Web Development
  • User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) Development
  • Mobile Application Development: Apple iOS and Android, PhoneGap
  • Software Testing/QA (manual and automated)
  • Systems Engineering
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers-EPMO
  • Systems Engineering
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers-EPMO
  • Systems Analysts
  • Database Developers, DBA’s (Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2)
  • Systems Administrators
  • Data Warehousing
  • Network Administrators

Radnor Consulting also offers Recruiting Specialists who focus on Information Technology positions. This person assumes the role of sourcing, screening, interviewing and presenting only the most qualified candidates for your consideration. Link to talent acquisitions