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HR Consulting

hr-consulting-imgEach business has its own personality, needs, culture and space within the marketplace.  Regardless of the industry, or the size of a business, most need someone to carry out HR roles, if only in a part time capacity. Radnor Consulting has become the authority on helping companies place HR personnel.

Consider us your HR Solutions Provider for contract or permanent placement of HR professionals

When HR Departments find themselves under-staffed, we have access to top HR professionals, including those who specialize in Recruiting, Compensation, Benefits, and more.  Our far-reaching network allows us to connect with the best in the industry, whether you seek an HR Specialist for Contract, Contract-to-Hire, or Permanent Placement.

Contract Placement:

If you’re experiencing a leave of absence, or your team is at workload capacity, Radnor Consulting can help.  We regularly place experienced Human Resources specialists who are available to step in on short notice to fill various HR Department needs.  Short –term project fulfillment enables our clients to meet specific requirements without the expense of hiring a full-time resource.


Radnor Consulting has a network of HR candidates who can step into a role and grasp their responsibilities quickly.  Contract-to-Hire candidates are open to filling a position for a specific or flexible term.  This provides our clients adequate time to assess the employee’s skills, and determine whether or not to offer a permanent position within the company.

Permanent Placement

Radnor Consulting’s vast network of experienced candidates is what has enabled us to pair top HR talent with companies throughout the Southeastern, PA area, as well as on a national level.  After extensive screening, we hand pick those who meet the criteria our clients seek.  Only those who directly match the requirements of the crucial HR operations will be presented for consideration.  Our dedication to quality, value and integrity has enabled us to provide our clients with employees who have long term retention.