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There’s a big sea of talent out there.  How do you find the right person to fill a position?  The search, the interviews, the screening, it’s time consuming!  And sadly, companies tend to throw their hands in the air and go with the “closest fit,” rather than the perfect employee to fill a position.

When you work with Radnor Consulting, we take care of the entire process so that you can stay focused on running your business.

We attract candidates through networking, social media, and Web-based recruiting strategies. We thoroughly screen the most promising applicants and check references from past employers.  We determine the prospects’ strengths, weaknesses and technical aptitudes.  We know their skill sets, their motivators and their potential for growth.

We then select and present the most qualified candidates to our clients.  This shortens the time you spend interviewing, and many times, the challenge isn’t choosing the “closest fit,” it’s determining who to choose from candidates that exceed the clients expectations.